1960 & 1964

History of the Unteranger Bed & Breakfast Hotel

The story of the Unteranger Bed & Breakfast Hotel begins in spring of 1960.

Karl and Herta Mair with their family - at the time - of three small girls, Margret, Burgi and Karoline, built the first bed and breakfast hotel in the "Unterer Anger", or lower meadow, of his parents' house. This is where the name "Unteranger" comes from, although in those days it was still known as the "Gasthof-Hotel Pension Unteranger"

In the following years more and more high quality renovation was carried out to adapt the bed and breakfast hotel to the needs of contemporary travellers. The very first foundations and shower area were found during the excavations for the new, fourth swimming pool on the same site.

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History of the Unteranger

The story of the Unteranger Bed & Breakfast ...

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